Adult Breastfeeding

Lactation-Fantasy gives you the best high-def Adult Breastfeeding videos and photos. And you won't believe some of our girls who do the milk drinking. You would never imagine these girls breastfeeding until you see them here. There's nothing more erotic that one hot naked girl drinking from the milky tits of another one. And for something different we also have girls with really big boobs drinking their own milk plus some milk slurping guys too.

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Auto-streaming & auto-dripping

Our Auto-Streaming and Auto-Dripping girls are just bursting with milk. Most lactating women need a little help getting their milk out but not these girls. Their milk just drips, streams and squirts by itself, often both sides and multiple streams at the same time. Their milk soaks through their bras, soaks through their shirts and then soaks everything around when they get naked. And many of these girls are exclusive to Lactation-Fantasy.
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Electric and manual pumping

Do you like watching girls pump every last drop out of their milky boobs? Some of our girls would rather pump than squirt and we know you like to watch these high-def pumping videos. Manual or electric, one boob or both at the same time, we have it here for you. And don't think that the pumped milk goes to waste. You'll see our girls drinking and even making breakfast with the milky goodness they've just pumped.
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Milk Showers, Milk Wars & Milk Squirting

Never heard of a Milk War? We hadn't either until two milky girls started squirting and chasing each other around the room and then went after me, an unarmed man. This is where we put all of our wettest and messiest high-def videos. Girls squirting each other, girls squirting MILFs-Without-Milk, girls squirting guys, exclusive models squirting their milk all over. We've even gone to the beach and up in the jungle for milk squirting.
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Awesome Bonus Stuff

We have more than just erotic lactation. We like like girls who squirt anything so we have pussy squirting videos. And we have videos and pictures pregnant girls because we know they'll be lactating soon. And girls with big boobs who like to make them bounce in ultra slow motion videos. And a few of our exclusive models who are none of the above but are just so hot they have to be here.
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